JARRELL, Texas — Justice is on the horizon for Elizabeth Griffet, a Temple grandmother who was killed in a hit-and-run in Jarrell two years ago.

It's been a rough two years for Elizabeth's family. Her family members said they were relieved when the person responsible for their grief finally faced consequences after he pleaded guilty to the deadly hit-and-run back in November.

Former Texas State student Aramis Guerra is accused of ramming his Range Rover into the Griffet family car in Jarrell in 2017 and then leaving the scene. The crash injured Natalie Griffet, her two young kids, and killed Natalie's mother Elizabeth, who was driving. 

The victim and suspects family's gathered at the Williamson County Courthouse for a sentencing hearing Thursday morning.

Natalie was emotional on the stand as she recounted her mother's final words. She said her mother used her last breath to ask if her grandchildren were OK. 

"Reliving the whole situation again is hard. It's not good for us and it's not good for them. It's something I'm ready to have finished and get on to the next chapter in our lives," Griffet said.

According to an affidavit, Guerra ran from the scene and used a neighbor's phone to call his mother and brother to pick him up. On the stand, the neighbor said Guerra didn't tell her the chilling details of that night.  

The state showed pictures Guerra posted on Instagram playing golf and hanging with friends and family shortly after the incident and said it showed he had no remorse for his actions or for leaving the scene. 

"He may have a little remorse now, but not then. Not two years ago, one year ago. And apparently not in December when he was doing what he was doing," Griffet said.

Guerra became emotional when his mother took the stand. She cried and said she was hurting for both her family and the Griffet family. 

The defense asked for probation and some incarceration in the county jail. The state asked for 10 years in prison. 

While Judge Stacey Mathews is still deciding on sentencing, she said she is not leaning toward probation. Mathews revoked Guerra's bond on the spot and sent him to jail. Guerra broke into tears and hugged all of his family.

Guerra tried to apologize to the victim's family and said, "I'm sorry for everything." 

The victim's family said they think part of that apology was his shock at going to jail. The Griffet family said the judge's actions Thursday made them hopeful and places them one step closer to closure.

The Judge said she will review everything and come back with a decision in early February. While the defense said it could not be proven that alcohol was a factor in the crash, the state said Guerra does have a prior DWI. 

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