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Keep Central Texas Working | Chef Flaco's Salsa

The majority of his business comes from farmer's markets across Central Texas as well as gift shops and online.

Adam Yauk has been a chef for over 25 years. In 2014 he decided to make a fresh salsa while working at a hotel restaurant and after that, Chef Flaco's Salsa was born. 

"The reason I decided to start selling it is because of so many accolades from customers and servers at the restaurant who said it was the best salsa they had ever tasted," Yauk said. 

It began as a side project now fast forward to six years later and he has a total of six employees working with him.

"I started selling out of Water Street Farmer's Market in Belton, which is a very small farmers market," Yauk said. "I simply showed up with product, signed up and started selling and boom I was in business."

Majority of his business comes from farmer's markets across Central Texas, in places like Waco, Temple, Belton, Killeen, and Georgetown, as well as gift shops and online. 

"Farmer's markets in Central Texas have been a great asset to the community for the reason being that they're outdoors," Yauk said. "Customers feel safer shopping at farmer's markets and we provided grocery service, we are essential."

Yauk said he takes pride in all of his products, including his award-winning original salsa and that everything he makes is natural with no preservatives. 

He believes once a chef, always a chef, so he wants to continue doing what he does best. 

"One of my greatest passions is making people happy with great food, so running my own business and operating my own business has been one of the best experiences in my life," Yauk said. 

One of his goals for 2021 is to expand and begin selling his products in larger retail stores. 

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