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Kids weigh in on back to school

6 News spoke with kids of all ages to get their thoughts on back to school and how they are feeling about the new school year taking place in a pandemic.

TEXAS, USA — Who are the kids?

Grayson Cole, 5th Grade

Stormie Harris, 12th Grade

Michelle Valdez, 8th Grade

Emory Davidson, Kindergarten

Kendal Salazar, 5th Grade

Kayden Ives, 9th Grade

Shannon Hyatt, 6th Grade.

Feelings about heading back to school:

Kendal Salazar: "I'm excited, but I'm also worried because I don't wanna get sick and then get my baby sister sick."

Emory Davidson: " A million {excited}."

Grayson Cole: "I'm actually feeling really good about it because I want to go back to school and see all my friends."

Back to school or back to virtual:

Michelle Valdez (Online): "I'm okay with that I don't want to go back to school and risk getting stuff and bringing him back to my family."

Stormie Harris: "I'm going to be going back to school because I'm also a dancer and I'm in athletics,"

Kayden Ives: "Just being there in person is easier for me to learn."

COVID-19 worries:

Shannon Hyatt: "Not really. I'm kind of scared because usually when there's like some kind of sickness going around I usually get it, but I don't like worry about it too much," 

Emory Davidson: "A little bit."

Kendal Salazar: "Being sick again 'cause I didn't really like that and, it was just really, it wasn't fun to get sick."

Kayden Ives: "Not a whole bunch. I feel like my school is going to do a really good job of social distancing and everything."

Stormie Harris: "I'm like happy because I get to see friends that I haven't been able to see over all this quarantine stuff, but I'm also kind of like upset because we can't go in and give them hugs. We can't be close to them and talk about how her summer was."

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