The Killeen Police Department is seeking help from the U.S. Department of Justice to reduce crime in the city, according to a press release sent Thursday morning.

The collaboration with the DOJ Office of Justice Programs Diagnostic Center (OJP) is intended to produce a comprehensive crime reduction strategy by taking a close look at the response and resources available in Killeen in order to achieve measurable and sustainable results, according to the release.

“Bringing in experts from outside our organization will provide a fresh perspective and new ideas for combating crime in Killeen,” said Police Chief Chuck Kimble. “OJP has developed successful solutions in other communities, and I believe they will deliver the same in our city.”

The press release went into further detail about the program.

OJP Diagnostic Center utilizes a data-driven approach to “diagnosing” crime and its root causes. By collecting and analyzing current and trend data, the center can identify multiple facets of the crime cycle and determine baseline indicators for comparison to other cities. Strategies can then be developed unique to Killeen but based in best practices from other agencies with proven results.

The outcome of this process will be a comprehensive strategy to combat crime based on data and evidence. The strategy will establish priorities, identify and allocate resources, provide training, create partnerships and engage the community to effect meaningful and measurable change.

“A safer Killeen is a goal we all share, and it will take all of us, law enforcement and the community, to achieve it,” said Kimble.

More information about the OJP can be found by clicking here.