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Killeen Chamber of Commerce still serving Killeen after Tuesday Night Fire

The city is grateful that the historic building was not damaged more seriously.

KILLEEN, Texas — A fire broke out Tuesday night at the Greater Killeen Chamber of Commerce that caused minimal damage.

Officials say had the crews that arrived on scene been any later, the building could've been turned to ash.

"A fire doubles in size every minute. So when you think about the fact that there were seven portable bathrooms that had engulfed in fire and that would double in size every minute," Killeen Fire Chief James Kubinsky said. "A couple more minutes, I think that building would have been a total loss."

Thankfully, there were no injuries, deaths nor was the building a total loss. 

Rebekah Moon, who works at the building, says the damage occurred almost entirely where her office is. She is thankful her office is there and the building is just fine.

"There's so much history that's happened here as so many historic documents and things that can always be replaced but some of that couldn't be replaced," Moon said, "So the fact that they got in they did what needed to be done they were very quick about it very professional they stayed until the job was completely done."

Kubinsky says the Fire Marshals are still investigating the cause of the fire. They know the origin, one of the 7 portable bathrooms in front of the back deck of the building, but they don't know if this was an accident or intentional.

Kubinsky says, this means there could be new rules in place for portable bathroom placement in the future.

"We do know the area of origin to be at or around the portable bathrooms. This definitely is gonna lend a reason for us to take a look and be a little bit more conscious of where they are placed in the future," Kubinsky said.

Although the building is off limits now, the Chamber of Commerce is still operating with employees working remotely for the time being. Visit their website if you need any assistance.

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