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Killeen city council election ends in tie for District 4 spot; recount coming soon

District 4's city council election in Killeen ended in a tie after mail-in ballots were counted on Monday.

KILLEEN, Texas — Correction: 6News originally reported 189 for both candidates, the correct number is 181 votes. 

Killeen City Council District 4 election between incumbent Steve Harris and challenger Michael Boyd resulted in a tie on Monday after mail-in ballots were counted. 

Boyd had led Harris by just two votes before Monday, but now both candidates have 181 votes, a number that Harris calls extremely low for the election. 

Harris had requested a personal re-count before Monday but he withdrew that request in favor of a city re-count which will be done by machine instead of by hand and will happen at a later date as opposed to Tuesday evening before a city council meeting. 

“The thing that in the end made me go with the machine count, it was a hard decision, but the thing that made me go with the machine count was just thinking to myself if there were ballots somewhere, just still laying around," Harris said Monday night. "I had people vote for me. Then there's a possibility they could pop up."

Michael Boyd denied a request interview on Monday night from 6 News but did post on his personal Facebook page, "I'll continue to trust the process" with an article attached that announced the tie.

This all comes after there was a mix-up of districts during early voting where more than 20 addresses were placed in District 4 instead of District 3. Bell County says that mistake was rectified immediately. 

Harris said the re-count could be done as early as Thursday evening and that if a run-off election is needed, it could happen the first or second week of June. 

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