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Killeen City Council discusses Proposition A

After a two week pause, the Prop A decision in Killeen could be made on Tuesday.

KILLEEN, Texas — CLICK HERE to watch the City Council meeting live.

The Killeen City Council is once again discussing Prop A after a two-week pause.

In their previous meeting regarding the marijuana related ordinance, there was a lot of confusion regarding how the ordinance could be enforced, how law enforcement can do their job without using probable cause and other issues.

Council members on that night said the voice of the people is important and what matters the most is reflecting what they vote for.

Killeen voters overwhelmingly supported Prop A on the ballot box. Around 70% percent of voters voted "yes."

"They could have voted no for this. They didn't 70% of the voters of Killeen voted on Nov. 8 and voted 'yes,'" Ground Game Texas Executive Director Julie Oliver said.

An advocate for Prop A, Oliver was disappointed when the Harker Heights city council repealed the ordinance a few weeks ago. She's hoping Prop A doesn't face a similar fate in Killeen.

"The people decided that they wanted to enact Prop A," Oliver said. "For four people to overturn the vote of 5,200 people says a lot."

Killeen City Council Member Jose Segarra says he is in favor of Prop A, but has some concerns about some wording in the ordinance.

He says state and federal laws make it tough to figure out how to enforce the ordinance. He also says police should be able to use probably cause whereas Prop A gets rid of law enforcement's ability to use that tactic.

"It doesn't make sense to get rid of, you know, that probable cause," Segarra said. "If you're in a vehicle and the officer opens up and he smells his pot, folks shouldn't even be driving while smoking pot anyway." 

Segarra says he would hope the city council can amend Prop A to more clearly define just how police can do their job while also slowing down small possession charges.

The indecision could end tomorrow. The city council meeting could decide the fate of Prop A, or perhaps the board could move for a moratorium once again. 

Segarra and other city council members say they will do their due diligence in ensuring the people's voices are heard.

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