Killeen — Killeen councilwoman Shirley Fleming is working around the clock to combat human and sex trafficking, this week Fleming completed a training that will allow her to take a more proactive approach against combating the crime.

According to the State Departments trafficking in persons report Texas is in the top three states for trafficking, and now Fleming is stepping in to try to change that statistic.

Fleming has partnered with the Texas Save Our Youth Organization, and together they hold roundtable discussions on the topic as well as education and prevention events.

Fleming also just completed Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking training and can now train other community members on warning signs to look out for on the street and ways to directly help those in trouble.

New laws such as the No Human Trafficking on our roads act and the Empowering Law Enforcement to Fight Trafficking act are pushing reform to the front lines. The first act disqualifies someone from operating a commercial motor vehicle for life if they commit a human trafficking crime. The second act provides more money for police to better fight the crime.

Fleming said she hopes this is a first step towards fixing the issue.

"We want everyone in this community to be involved and to be aware of just what we're facing.Take your blinders off and look around you. If you see something, say something," said Fleming.

If you'd like to get involved Texas Save Our Youth is hosting "Stompout Human Trafficking" on Aug. 23 from 6 - 8 p.m. at the Killeen Community Center. The event will feature guest speakers, short films and trainings.

For more information visit Texas Save Our Youth's Facebook page here