A Killeen family is demanding the city and it's leaders take responsibility for a SWAT raid they say damaged their home and traumatized their child. The raid happened last week in the 3900 block of Bur Oak Drive and was the result of a no knock warrant.

The raid left the home in shambles and has everyone talking, mainly because when police used explosives to burst into the home, a nine-year-old girl was inside and police said they knew about her before the raid. Now the family said it is time officials were held accountable for what they are calling excessive force.

"She was within seven feet of the explosive charges that were set off on the front door for no reason," Ronald Cebulski the child's grandfather said.

"It was completely unncessary," Jamar Carson the child's father said.

The raid did result in the arrest of 19-year-old Ryan O'Neal charged with theft of a firearm. He was taken into custody without incident. Monday afternoon the family had an intense hour long meeting with Killeen Mayor Jose Segarra and the head of the local NAACP chapter about the incident.

During the meeting the family laid out a list of demands. They are calling for a written apology from the Mayor for the use of explosives during the raid, counseling services provided for the family, they also want the city to pay for all damages to the house and cars as a result of the raid and a promise from the Mayor that he will review the terms of no knock warrant cases.

"It's understandable. I think that they are very heartbroken and anybody that goes through something like that is going to be shaken," Segarra said.

The family said they are pleased the mayor met with them and plan to reach out to him next week for an update on the matter.

When asked about the written apology Segarra said at this point it doesn't appear SWAT officers acted outside of protocol so he doesn't believe an apology is need at this time.