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Killeen ISD adds four new elementary schools amid population growth

The new elementary schools will open in the fall.

KILLEEN, Texas — As the city of Killeen continues to grow so does the need for new schools for new students moving into the area. 

The sight of construction workers and homes popping up in new neighborhoods is a sign that the city of Killeen is growing.

“With the influx of people coming into the district and moving into an area that is family oriented and affordable, we have to have more schools to make sure we accommodate the students coming with those families. We have to make sure they have a great education,” Iris Felder, Executive Director of KISD Elementary Schools, said.

To prevent overcrowding, the Killeen Independent School District is adding four news elementary schools: Pershing Park Elementary, Pat Carney Elementary, Killeen Elementary and Clifton Park Elementary. 

All four schools will open in the fall. Before the pandemic, KISD identified growth within the district especially happening in new neighborhoods along Highway 195.

“We have some pretty old campuses across the district, so Pershing Park is consolidating, also Clifton Park is consolidating,” Taina Maya, KISD Chief of Communications, said.

On Thursday in front of the new Pat Carney Elementary, the district rolled out their STEM bus which served as a registration bus for parents to register their students as well as meet the principal, assistant principal and staff.

"It is a great way for a fresh start, not only for our students, but for the community near Pat Carney,” said Pat Carney Principal Paige Gawryszewski. “We are excited to welcome new students into our building. It is beautiful and you can tell it is for kids.”

On Thursday, the mobile registration bus will be at Killeen Elementary school located at 1608 E. Rancier Avenue from 4:30 p.m., until 6:30 p.m.