Killeen parents are demanding answers Tuesday night, after a mother reportedly jumped into the middle of a fight between her child and another student, hurting the other student.

It happened at Hay Branch Elementary Friday around lunchtime in the cafeteria.

Stephanie Edmonson said her son 10-year-old son Sai'vyon Alston and another 4th grader got into a fight in the cafeteria over a prior bullying matter. Edmonson said the other child's mother was already at the school to have lunch with her son when the fight broke out. She said the other child's mother allegedly lunged at Alston during the altercation, hitting him in the face and damaging his glasses.

"As a mother, it's heartbreaking because he says when he goes to sleep he still sees her hit him," said Edmonson.

KISD officials admit the woman got physical with the student, even saying the parent had to be restrained by school staff. The school's principal sent home a message to parents explaining the situation, saying staff took immediate action to resolve the issue.

Alston feels uneasy returning to school after the incident.

"She hit me in the face in my eye. I'm feeling alright a little bit, but I don't know how I'm gonna get over it" Alston said.

Edmonson said there's only one way to handle things moving forward, and that's to press charges.

"I want to see her go to jail," she said.

Edmonson said she did speak with the other parent after the incident and said the parent did not apologize.

The incident is under investigation