Around fifty women gathered outside the Killeen Community Center Saturday to stand up for domestic violence survivors. Local nonprofit Love Yourself Stop Abuse held its first annual 5K walk and run in an effort to inspire more women to speak out for others and themselves.

Love Yourself Stop Abuse has been working in the area for almost two years and became a nonprofit in August. Several domestic violence survivors spoke at the event today, including Leeanna Davis.

"It means to me that we are actually taking a stand," Leeanna said. "On especially a cold morning like this for people to come out and say I stand for this. It means a lot to me."

Love Yourself Stop Abuse founder Desiree Killebrew-nix said that several Killeen women have died in the last year due to domestic abuse, and that it affects more people than you would think.

"Around a quarter of the community alone has going though some sort of domestic violence whether it be physical, verbal or emotional abuse." Killebrew-nix said. "And it could be larger."

The nonprofit said it will hold bi-monthly meetings for survivors every month moving forward and encourage other women to need help to come out.

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