KILLEEN, Texas — Pastor George Chinea of Christ the Fortress Bilingual Ministry said he's on a mission to deliver lunch and the word of God to students who might want it.

"This is a passion that the Lord laid on my heart to reach out to our young people," Chinea said. "We all have a spiritual need, there's a void in our lives and only Christ can fill that void."

Chinea said he's been trying for a long time to find a way to reach out to young people Killeen. He said he prayed about it, and he knew this was the way to set out on a path and to connect.

Students tend to agree.

"I think it's good because some people might not have money to come to school and have lunch," said Isaiah Thomas, a student at Ellison High School.

However, not all students came for the food. 

"You can't be a Christian without a Bible," said Rachael Spivey, a student who just wanted her own Bible said. "Plus, if you don't know the Lord, it's the only way to know the Lord, is to have a Bible.

Chinea, who has been out on the sidewalk outside Ellison High School every Wednesday since January, said he can see the change he inspires.

"Some of them come and say to me, 'I really need to go back to church,'" Chinea said. "Others will say, 'Hey, I still have the Bible you gave me,' and they'll pull it out. And others will say, 'Can I have a free Bible?'"

One student said Wednesday she hopes to give through her art one day when she's old enough.

"I would really like to be able to fund in money and to charities," Jada Ross said. Or give out free art pictures to those fellow children of the world."