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Local CPA says filing taxes electronically is the fastest way to get tax returns

The certified public accountant said this is the case, even during the partial government shutdown.

TEMPLE, Texas — Wednesday was day 33 of the government shutdown, and with tax season around the corner, people are wondering if their tax returns will be affected. 

Earlier this month, the White House said it will direct the IRS to pay tax returns this season during the partial shutdown. 

However, according to the Washington Post, hundreds of IRS employees concerned with financial hardships are skipping work, which could end up delaying tax returns. 

The National Treasury Employees Union, which represents some IRS employees fall under the umbrella of, said federal employees can't wait any longer for their paychecks. 

A certified public accountant from Temple said the timing of tax returns vary from case to case, but his clients do not seem worried. 

CPA Jerry Tyroch said he recommends submitting electronic forms to get a faster return.

"The electronic filing is the fastest and easiest, as long as that electronic filing is a direct deposit to their bank," Tyroch said.

He also said shutdowns in general can make an impact on the long term. 

"Since the shutdown, we have refunds from last year filed you know late in the year, or by the October deadline, that they are still waiting for their refund from that," he said. 

The final day to file taxes is April 15.