Bell County — A quick drive through Temple and you can see signs dotting the curb.

Some for Beto O'Rourke, the El Paso native who won the Democratic Party's nomination for the coming Senate election.

Others, for Republican Incumbent Ted Cruz, the Houston resident.

"He's participated in events like canvasing the neighborhood, so he's really among the people," David Howle, a Beto supporter in Temple, said of why he likes O'Rourke. "Plus, he's not taking money from PAC's."

Fellow Temple resident, Cruz supporter Don Marshall added, "With democrats voting everything that (President) Trump wants down, we just need more of a majority in the senate to keep things moving along as well as they are."

Both county parties spoke to Channel 6 about their coming pushes ahead of November's election.

Both say they're planning to continue building support through block walks, email blasts and other of the same ways they have, stating it's been working.

Each party said it's been receiving support for its candidate across people's traditional party lines, and described the recent gain in traction for their candidates as record-setting.

"We ran out of almost everything that said Senator Cruz on it," Walt Stephenson, with the Bell Co. Republican Party, said. "So, we had to go back and I had to get more."

Bell Co. Democratic Party parliamentarian William Rosenberg added, "(The reason) why Beto is resonating is he's not running against Ted Cruz. He's running for what he believes in."

Early voting begins Oct. 22nd.