Copperas Cove — A Copperas Cove interracial couple is on high alert Tuesday night after they said someone spray painted a swastika onto the hood of their car.

The incident happened in the 1000 block of South 3rd Street in Copperas Cove Monday night. The couple said it's the second time they've been targeted -- the first time being when their home was broken into last month.

Shannon Jones said her family moved to Copperas Cove from Harker Heights at the end of April for a fresh start. Jones said the family was bringing some items over to their new place one afternoon when they noticed the house had been broken into. Jones said all of the doors were wide open but nothing was taken.

Then, Monday afternoon, Jones said the family's car was broken into and all the car doors were left open. Jones said some items, including a paycheck, were taken from the car, and a huge swastika was spray painted on the hood of the car.

"We looked at the hood of the car and there was a Nazi sign so we called the police. We love our house, but to not feel safe is kind of surreal," Jones said.

The family isn't sure who is behind the acts but believes it could be racially motivated.

"It's one thing to intrude on someone's property but to actually put a symbol like that on our car...I don't think they even understand the true meaning behind it or how it could hurt people," Jones said.

The family has a small child in the home and feels uneasy, like there's a target on their back.

"We're looking for security systems this week. I feel that my family isn't safe so I have to worry about what I can do security wise to stop this," Jones said.

The family is planning to use the scary situation as an educational moment for their son when he gets older.

"We'll teach him to just be aware of how you have to be careful of what you say to others, how you behave and what those symbols mean," Jones said.

The family hopes to make happy memories in the home but said this experience has things off to a bumpy start.

"We've barely been here in Cove. I liked it at first but now it's just like we have to watch our backs because we don't know how serious it could get," Jones said.

Jones shared her concerns on social media where dozens of people responded, many Copperas Cove residents saying they were sorry it happened but also saying they never heard of something so horrid happening in their town before. Jones said she finds some comfort in learning that it doesn't appear to sound like a frequent occurrence in the area.

The family did file a police report with the Copperas Cove Police Department.

As of Wednesday, the case is being investigated as a Burglary of a Vehicle and Grafitti. Copperas Cove police said if the investigation reveals the crime was racially motivated, they will pursue charges if applicable.