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Local rapper uses his music to send a positive message

The rise in violence in Killeen has an area rapper using his music to send a positive message.

The rise in violence in Killeen has an area rapper using his music to send a positive message.

He hopes his lyrics will inspire people to get on the right track and clean up the city.

Area rapper Levallois Hamilton’s song “Free My City” was uploaded online over the weekend and is already getting tons of support and buzz on social media. The rapper said the purpose is to uplift the city, help those in need and call on everyone to do their part to help.

The words striking a cord with many people in the city. Hoping to join the movement of ending city crime and promoting peace and positivity. Hamilton said he is fed up with the violence and wants to start some open dialogue about it.

“That’s one way I can articulate and address things because I can reach a particular audience that’s not gonna go sit at a city hall meeting or that’s not gonna know what’s going on because they don’t read the paper, but they’ll put their headphones on and listen to music,” Hamilton said.

He said he had brushes with the fast life years ago and is a walking example that with determination and a higher power, you can get your life on the right track. Hamilton is hopeful that message will resonate with the troubled souls in the city.

“You can come from any type of background and still have hope, still do something different with your life especially if you let God guide you, he’ll bring you out of anything,” Hamilton said.

But the message is also inspiring well known Killeen activists like Breeon Price. Price said it is basically what he does in the city trying to stop the violence.

“Being an activist, that song inspires me to keep pushing because it lets me know that it’s not just us there’s other people out here who feel the same way,” Price said.

City leaders are also showing their support including Killeen Councilman Gregory Johnson who said the video sheds light on a different angle of some of the root causes of crime and violence in Killeen that’s normally neglected.

As a civic leader I'm not afraid to acknowledge the need of a higher power to help solve many of the issues and problems plaguing Killeen. Crime is a complex problem that requires a complex and multifaceted solution to solving it. Crime is a community issue and citizens play a major role in solving this problem. I think Levallois' video sheds light on a different angle on some of the root causes of crime and violence in our city, that's normally neglected. I commend him for being bold and using his talents to help free our city from this disease we call crime. To effectively reduce crime and violence in our city, we as a community must be able to turn off our blinders and truly understand the root causes of crime, if we are to be successful in this endeavor. Crime, grime and jobs go hand in hand and one can't be properly addressed without addressing the others. Our youth are our future and we must do everything in our power to save and help ensure a brighter future for our great city. - Gregory Johnson

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