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Lupita's in Waco celebrates eight-year anniversary

Ownership says it's excited to one day expand and keep growing

WACO, Texas — What may seem like another day in January to some, is a milestone day for Lupita's Bakery and Restaurant in Waco.

Since 2015, the local Mexican restaurant has built not only a following of customers, but a second family of supporters.

Andrea Kosar of the Central Texas Hispanic Chamber says most Hispanic businesses, mainly restaurants, only last about two years on average in Waco.

Today marks year eight for the family owned spot. 

Armando Martinez, son of owner Valentina Lopez, says that this is a restaurant built on love. It's name comes from Lopez's daughter Lupita who tragically died in a car crash.

Credit: Armando Martinez
Valentine Lopez (left) and daughter Lupita (right) in 2009.

"It's in honor of the memory of my sister that's the first thing," Martinez said. "The second thing is we take a lot of pride and effort in my mom's passion. The mission is to continue growing."

Lopez says starting the restaurant in her daughter's honor made perfect sense. Cooking and baking is what she loves to do.

"I have a passion for cooking. It's one of my favorite hobbies," Lopez said. "I love making cakes and desserts, and I have a lot of other hobbies too, but cooking is my true passion even when it gets hard."

Lopez and her husband Hector moved to America after Lupita passed and since have been living the American dream. They built a big following for their restaurant, and hope to continue to expand and grow.

Even after Valentina's husband suffered a stroke years ago and started requiring special care, she never let that stop her. She, her family and Lupita's team continue to work hard and welcome every customer with a smile.

"I'm so thankful to the Lord because everything begins with him," Lopez said. "I'm aware of customers liking the food. I love when customers enjoy the food and they feel transported back to Mexico. That's what they crave."

Though the business celebrates a milestone today, they know this is not as good as it gets. They hope they continue to thrive in Waco and continue to grow the Lupita's family.

"We have plans for maybe opening more branches, because at the end of the day, we can stagnate. When we stagnate, that's when the business starts to die," Martinez said.

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