MARLIN, Texas — New city leaders in Marlin stepped up to help rebuild a once booming city and provide a better quality of life for the people who live there. 

On the Fourth of July, there was a re-dedication ceremony at the city's historic park. 

"This is something I want to bring back to the community," Mayor Carolyn Lofton said. "So that people would be able to come out and enjoy the peace and tranquility of this place. It's such a beautiful place."

Lofton has been in an office for a month. She said she's eager to make sure the city is on the move, and the first step was to clean up the Marlin City Park.

"I remember a long time ago when the baseball diamond was a big gathering spot, but during our demise things kind of went down and a lot of things got left behind," she said. "But with the renewal of our park, it kind of symbolizes us coming back together."

City manager Cedric Davis said the 1.25 mile park was over grown with weeds, woods, water bamboo and wild life. With donations, the labor cost the city under $1,000.

"So basically what we did was we cleaned it up," he said. "We claimed it. We have a lot of amenities that we are about to put in. We have some that are due to come like a water sprinkling part and an outdoor workout area." 

Both Lofton and Davis said there are plans to bring more economic development to the city. Lofton said she is working to make sure Marlin Independent School District stays accredited and that students and staff are performing well. 

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