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McLennan County schools meet with the health district about 2020 school year

After the decision was made to hold all in-person classes and activities until after Labor Day, superintendents finally had the chance to speak to the district.

MCLENNAN COUNTY, Texas — Superintendents of McLennan County schools met with the County Health District Monday to express concerns after the health authority shut down all in-person classes and activities until at least Labor Day 2020.

The announcement came last Tuesday in an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19, but it was not discussed with local school districts first.

"Our experience with the superintendents has been positive," Communications Lead for the Health District Kelly Craine said. "There is frustration across the board because no one wants this to be happening."

Connally Athletic Director Shane Anderson said he is frustrated with this decision. Even more so after Bell County made a similar decision about classes, but sports for many schools is still allowed.

"We thought it would be good for us and they would change our order to match-up with theirs considering we're one of the only counties that had everything just taken away," Anderson said. "But that was wishful thinking after today this meeting from what I understand was just an update."

With superintendents able to express concerns and ask questions Monday, no changes came out of the meeting.

"We shared with them the new data," Craine said.

As of right now, the positivity rate is 22%, something that needs to drastically drop if in-person classes are going to start, according to Craine. 

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