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Hispanic Heritage honored at South Waco Library with new wall and digital display

The South Waco Library just unveiled new wall displays that honor the lives of prominent Hispanic members of the Waco community.

WACO, Texas — The next time you walk around the South Waco Library, you might notice a little piece of history when you look up.

Pictures and descriptions of prominent Hispanic members of the Waco community are now on display, with historic faces ranging from nurses to those who served in the military.

"They have pictures of people who have passed away and given back to the Waco community," Louis Garcia who runs the Waco Hispanic Museum said.

Garcia's family has been in Waco since 1900 when they came over to pick cotton.

He knows the history of Waco like the back of his hand. According to him, around 1,000 Hispanics moved into Waco in 1917.

"A lot of them were brought in to build Richfield, which was going to be an Airforce base," he added.

Today he said remembering how important Hispanic Wacoans are to what the city is today is important.

He helped in gathering the information and resources needed to put together the wall and digital displays at the library.

"It's another place for the public to go by and see who we are."

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