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Meet Drago, the Texas bull who captured the hearts of many as he escaped large hail

The owner of the bull said Wednesday's hailstorm was one of the biggest he's ever seen in Dublin, Texas.

DUBLIN, Texas — Drago garnered quite the following after video captured during Wednesday's severe weather showed the bull getting caught in a hailstorm. 

As golf ball to baseball-sized hail dropped, owner Gary Clayton watched Drago seek shelter. 

"Cattle are grazing animal. So, it's not real easy to have a place for all of them to seek a barn. In fact, they probably wouldn't go into a barn because of the noise from the hail hitting the tin," said Clayton. "I knew the only shelter he really had was some trees. And that's where he was heading, was to get under some trees to kind of break the fall of the hailstones."

Drago found shelter under a nearby pecan tree. Clayton's home is surrounded by hundreds of acres. He watched the storm come across the field after noticing the sky darken after it was just daylight. 

The sound of the storm approaching followed the change in the skyline. 

"You could hear the hail hitting trees and buildings, you know, off of our property. And then it just began to get closer and closer. And I told my wife that we're fixing to fix the see something," said Clayton.

Wednesday's hailstorm is one of the biggest Clayton's seen in Dublin. He credits being weather aware to WFAA Chief Meteorologist Pete Delkus.

"He was telling us to look at the weather," said Clayton. "So we knew that there was a good chance somewhere between 5, 6, 7, we're going to have some some issues."

Clayton has only had Drago for a couple of years. He's still learning the personality of his bull who just chills out most days. 

Despite getting caught in the hailstorm, Clayton wants everyone to know Drago and the other steer are all okay. 

"They're hide is probably three, eight to a half inch thick. Then you've got a layer of fat, you have some muscle. So, they're pretty resilient," Clayton said.

Resilient enough, Clayton says, to weather the storm. 

"He's getting adjusted to the property and we're getting adjusted to him," he said.

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