WACO, Texas — A new Mexican ice cream shop is set to scoop some economic growth into the community.

At 23 years old Eduardo Garcia is set to open the second Helados La Azteca on 15th Street at Colcord Avenue in Waco.

Garcia said he was pretty much born to run the family-owned Mexican ice cream and dessert shop.

“Since diapers I’ve been around, always shadowing my dad,” Garcia said.

This story is about more than just ice cream. Halados La Azteca has leased the first unit in the Colcord Center. The Colcord Center is a former liquor store turned new homes for local businesses. The nonprofit Mission Waco owns the Colcord Center and is hoping to revitalize the North Waco neighborhood. Mission Waco, and city leaders thought Garcia’s business would be a great for the underprivileged area.

Tequila ice cream cone from Helados La Azteca ice cream shop in Waco
Helados La Azteca to open on Sept. 15 at Colcord Avenue in Waco.
Jasmin Caldwell - 6 News

"This neighborhood just needed something, a little sweetness too it,” Garcia said. Once I saw the place, I saw the potential. Not only in the building, but the neighborhood itself."

Mission Waco said drawings for the other two units in the Colcord Center are being completed. Once finished, the city will have to approve them and then renovations will begin for two more retail units.

"I've been getting feedback about this, saying, 'We're so glad you're here,' and 'We needed something like this.' I’m just so happy to be a part of this great community," Garcia said.

Helados La Azteca will have a soft opening on Saturday from 3 p.m. until 10 p.m.

They will be accepting applications at the shop on 1500 Colcord until Friday.

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