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Midway ISD board to discuss rezoning and possible virtual learning during upcoming board meeting

As the new school year begins, Midway ISD plans to address several items in Tuesday's board meeting, including rezoning and virtual learning.

HEWITT, Texas — Midway Independent School District will have a board meeting Tuesday evening to discuss several items on the agenda, including rezoning and virtual learning.

Tuesday is also the first day of school with students returning to in-person learning. The board of trustees will consider virtual learning options for this school year at the scheduled board meeting. 

Midway ISD is a fast-growing district in Central Texas and this school year they are experiencing some growing pains.

The district has already filled to  capacity at most schools. In 2019 they passed a $148 million bond, which includes the construction of a new school plus renovations to current campuses to adapt to the district's growth.

Next year, they expect a lot of changes for the 2022-23 school year, including transitioning to 11 campuses and no longer having intermediate schools. 

"We're going to feel that construction happening and it could be kind of tight in our places," Midway ISD Director of Communication Traci Marlin said.  "A road construction is happening all around us, so it's gonna be a bit of a headache for this year and what comes out on the other side is next year is having all of our new campuses, renovated campuses, new wings and just amazing new facilities for our students."

In July, when asked for input, the community requested the district rezone. The school board has been reviewing the request and are expected to make a final decision at Tuesday evening's board meeting.

The new school zones would go into effect next year.

The meeting will be live-streamed at www.youtube.com/MidwayISDpanthers

For Midway ISD COVID protocols, click here.

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