WACO, TX — Teachers and staff at Midway ISD went through intense emergency response training Aug. 10 as school districts across Central Texas will be prioritizing safety going into the new school year.

Midway ISD's superintendent George Kazanas said safety is a top concern this year. This year Junior High and High School students have to wear I.D. badges. The district also created a barrier zone for visitors who enter the school.

"It's so important that our teachers and staff are trained because they are on the frontline,” Kazanas said. “They are there with the kids first and foremost when unfortunate things might happen."

Training consisted of four real-life crisis scenarios: An active shooter situation, a student having a reaction to a peanut allergy, a student having a heart attack and a deranged spouse showing up to campus. Teachers and staff had to work through each situation to find out how to save a student’s life.

“These things are hard but, I think in the world we live in today as teachers we want to be prepared to do whatever we have to do to keep our kids safe,” said Nicole Fanning, a teacher at Spring Valley Elementary.

The scenarios were acted out by students who said they appreciated teachers taking the time to learn better ways to keep them safe.

"They want to jump in and help," Midway High School senior Kenzie Echert said. "I can speak to myself and all other students that it makes it seems that they care, and it makes us feel safer."

Woodway and Hewitt police were at the training to answer additional questions from teachers.

Kazanas said administrators will continue to debrief staff on how to handle these situations in the future.