An entrepreneur and 24-year Army veteran created a new tool for soldiers who want to be hands free on the range.

"I used to use a carabiner, D Ring or O Ring that would clip onto my uniform, and it just created that single point kind of mess where things start to turn and tumble, Army vet Kap Kim said.

Kim served in the Army for years, with a 15 month deployment to Iraq and three tours to Afghanistan. He originally made the item for himself and used it during overseas missions for about seven years.

"Before a convoy when you were getting a briefing, when you're just out there eating breakfast on a to go plate on top of a Humvee."

He found a way to be hands free called KapKlips--and now he's selling his invention to the troops.

"I basically took an old chin strap, so this is a 3/4 inch buckle, side release buckle and I took two of them and made one of these years ago," he said, as he showed us how he makes this tool.

KapKlips goes right into the Molle slots on the vest and, once complete, and one end attaches by Velcro to the helmet. He makes the invention by hand with the help of a sewing machine out of his family dry cleaning business in Killeen. It took him a few tries to get it right.

"So I cut them into little pieces like this," he explained. "This portion is the part that goes under your helmet pads."

Then, when he finishes sewing the product together, Kim goes home and burns off the excess thread and readies KapKlips for the package.

KapKlips is patent pending. Kim applied early this year and is waiting for an answer. For now, he's selling them online and at the dry cleaner. He's sold about 60 in the last couple months online.

"As a creator I would like to see as many people use this as possible," he said.

Kim credits his mom with helping him learn the sewing machine and supporting him each step of the way.

KapKlips are about 16 dollars at the shop and about 19 dollars online plus shipping. For more information, visit the website here.