Fort Hood's Black Jack Brigade is halfway through a nine-month deployment in South Korea.

Battalion Commander of 1st Battalion, 5th U.S. Cavalry Regiment Lieutenant Colonel John Moris said his troops spent the last two months at the Rodriguez Live Fire Complex doing training exercises and combined live fire drills with Republic of Korea partners.

The Rodriguez complex is nearly 15 miles from the demilitarized zone -- the border with North Korea.

Moris said the soldiers are training in the mountainous regions and getting used to operating in the overseas environment.

"I think there's a lot of parallels to the training we conducted at Fort Hood," Moris said. "As you're aware, we conducted a year-long train-up in preparation for this deployment culminating with the rotation to the National Training Center."

The lieutenant colonel said it's critical to work directly with the Republic of Korea allies and sustain proficiency in the war-fighting tasks.

"Bottom line is the soldiers remain ready to answer whatever is asked of us," Moris said. "They continue to train hard. They continue to train on their war-fighting tasks."

Moris noted he's proud of his troops. He also thanked the families back home for their support while they are deployed.

Check out the interview with the Commander below: