Fort Hood has been designated as an incident support base by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Army announced Monday.

Officials at Fort Hood said they were still in the planning phase of responding to multiple FEMA requests. But, the details of those requests were being withheld until response plans were finalized.

After Hurricane Harvey made landfall, the 106th Rescue Wing from the New York Air National Guard flew to Texas Saturday and staged one C-130 and three Pave Hawk HH-60 helicopters at Robert Gray Army Airfield, which operates next to the Killeen-Fort Hood Regional Airport, according to Fort Hood officials.

On Monday, the unit began flying search-and-rescue missions to the Houston area. By the end of the day, crews had already rescued nearly 300 people and dogs. And those rescues continued Tuesday.

According to Fort Hood, there will eventually be 106 personnel and 24 para-rescue airmen based at the airfield in support of Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

Fort Hood deployed its own resources to help Tuesday. Read more about the vehicles behind sent here.