Maria Reed is a wife, mother of 2, computer science teacher, filmmaker, director, producer and member of the PTA. Reed's husband re-enlisted and is now deployed in the Middle East.

She started and self-funded a web series called, "Moving With the Military". It's a home-improvement show for military families that she hopes to bring to cable networks such as Discover Channel, Hallmark and Lifetime.

Reed said it's important for military spouses to reinvent themselves and adapt in their military journey.

"Even thought we have careers and education and certificates, sometimes it's the thing that's not avaiable.

I teach. And when I get to a new city, I try and find a teaching position but that doesn't mean it's always available. So what else do I have? What are my other skill sets that I can put in place? And what am I passionate about?" said Reed.

She said it's tough for military families to make a house comfortable with the constant moves. She helps promote creative design and helps to showcase the military family life.

So far, she moved 4 times with her husband and kids. She knows all too well the importance of "it taking a village" to make a house a home. As an advocate for all military spouses, Reed said it's important to make time for kids. Reed and her family have family meetings before her husband deploys.

"We do this before Daddy leaves. And he talks about what his expectations are and the responsibilities of being a family. We're a unit. I wasn't kidding when I said Team Reed. We do it together. That's our motto. Mommy can't do it by herself," she told Channel 6.

Reed plans to do 20 shows for Season 1 for Moving With the Military. The episodes will include families from Fort Hood, Fort Benning and Fort Stewart in Georgia and Fort Wainwright in Alaska.

You can check out episodes at Moving With the Military on YouTube.