Fort Hood continues to be a FEMA incident support base for operations aimed at assisting Harvey victims.

160 fuel trucks lined up on east Fort Hood ready to head to devastated areas of South Texas.

Officials said DLA Energy Americas received 600,000 gallons of fuel to send down to the southern regions of Texas. The company already sent 100,000 gallons since Sunday.

The trucks are contracted through Foster Fuels.

All fuel sent down will provide support to FEMA operations.

"This allows FEMA first responders to not use the local gas stations so they have the fuel that they need to continue the operations this hurricane relief efforts that they are doing in Houston," Lt. Col. Josielynn Carrasquillo, the Task Force America Commander said.

Carrasquillo said there are 14 personnel working 24/7 on the tarmac for the endeavor.

The diesel and gasoline will be used for generators, first responder vehicles, and any other needs on the ground.

Usually, DLA Energy Americas provides fuel to war fighters on the East Coast and in the Central United States.