FORT HOOD — III Corps soldiers and officers from across the United States compete to see who takes home best warrior bragging rights. It's a multi-day competition to test how well they are prepared for battle.

The 10 soldiers and officers beat out competition at the battalion and brigade levels to get to this point. The competition involves a number of timed tasks, including land navigation, medical aid, communications and chemical attack preparations.

In one situation, a simulated chemical agent is released and time is ticking for each soldier or officer, like Sergeant Ike Horn.

"This is very important because a lot of the operation environments we are in, actually as we've seen in Syria and a lot of the other places, they've been using a lot of chemical agents so we do need to be vigilant and ready at all times," said Sergeant Ike Horn, with the 97th Military Police Battalion out of Fort Riley.

Horn tells Channel 6 he first had to put on his mask and make sure it's sealed around the edges before he puts on the rest of the protective gear, called MOPP (Mission-Oriented Protective Posture). But besides testing soldiers' expertise at life-saving measures, this competition has a deeper meaning for Horn.

"Honestly, I'm here to progress myself. I'm trying to find something to help better me, better for my soldiers, help me be a better leader, and so far, this entire event, and events before, I feel like it has," Horn said.

And Specialist Tyler Hamby would agree. It would be a confidence boost too.

"I mean go out there and say you've won III Corps, that's pretty cool," Hamby said.

He is a Fort Hood soldier, so you'd think he'd feel some home turf advantage. But apparently, that is not the case.

"It's still hot, doesn't help any. Doesn't make the temperature any less hot," he said.

In that Central Texas heat, sun blazing, Hamby responded to an injured soldier after a series of simulated explosions.

"That leg's good, come on," he said to the injured soldier, trying to get him to walk. But the injured soldier said he could not. So Hamby dragged him to a medevac location.

The best warrior will be awarded on Thursday evening. The winner will advance to the U.S. Forces Command competition.