It is the talk of the world, and certainly the talk of the military community in Central Texas.

Two Korean War veterans have very different opinions about the encounter between President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. They both watched the early morning press conference.

It's known as the Forgotten War, but Retired Command Sergeant Major Homer Garza and Retired 1st Sergeant Eddie Bell will never forget Korea.

"That was our home. We went from one foxhole to another. And everywhere you went to, you just dug another hole and you just dug it a little better and a little deeper," Retired Command Sergeant Major Homer Garza said, recalling his service back between 1950 and 1951.

But Retired 1st Sergeant Eddie Bell, Senior just does not buy all the handshakes and diplomacy. He said he doesn't trust North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

"Giving up nuclear weapons? Not gonna happen. If he gives up that nuclear weapons, that power, he gives up his power. He has no power," Bell said.

Meanwhile, decorated Retired Command Sergeant Major Homer Garza has hope this is a new beginning for the relationship. He said he is pleased Trump had the guts to meet with North Korea.

"Pretty sure there's gonna be progress. Once they understand one another, what we can do and what they can't do," Garza said.

One other detail mentioned in the press conference focused on an agreement to recover and return all the remains of American soldiers in North Korea.

"That would be quite a sight and they would jump for joy. Any and all of them would let you know straight away that is an honorable thing and we would respect that. They would be elated," Bell said.

"Well it means a lot to us. It satisfies not only myself, but it satisfies the relatives," Garza said.

There are more than 7,800 unaccounted for Americans. Bell did say they have welcomed some fallen heroes home over the years, but this big process would involve quite a bit of DNA analysis when and if they return.

"There's a lot of people buried there that need to come home," Garza said.

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