FORT HOOD — The "Moving with the Military" spouses have opened a pop-up store at the PX on Fort Hood for a limited time. The store, featuring items from their DIY projects and makeovers, along with products from other military spouses and family members, is only open until this Sunday, Father's Day.

The store is called Oak Leaf Lane.

"The oak leaf can be found in all five branches, somehow and some way. Oak Leaf Lane is a matter of celebrating the military community. It's about saying we all have some creativity in us and we want to highlight that," Chandee Ulch, "Moving with the Military" cinematographer said. "With the metal work that you see behind me, that is from a veteran that has just gotten out of the military and he's opening his own business. I think it's called Jay's Creation. And then we have a lady over here that does these amazing soy candles."

Ulch said they are hoping their show gets picked up by a network like HGTV, and that is why they want to have a store separate from the show.

"These are items we have been building in the garage for quite a while now and we put them into the homes when we do the home makeovers," Ulch said.

Ulch said the items will be eventually online as well.

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