Texas National Guard units assisted in Puerto Rico efforts on the ground.

Commonwealth residents are still suffering from a lack of power and water weeks after Hurricane Maria slammed the island.

The Texas Army National Guard's 36th Infantry Division, out of Austin, Texas, has soldiers coordinating with the Puerto Rican authorities.

Lieutenant Colonel Edward Dextraze arrived on island October 6. He is based at the government's Command Center in San Juan.

"So it's taking their information, matching resources that we have in the United States that are available that can be sent down here in order to assist them in the response to this hurricane," he said.

"Obviously, vehicles are needed, water purification units, helicopters to assist in moving supplies around the island, the normal thing you would associate with a disaster."

Dextraze explained they are just one part of a larger effort from military units from across the country. He also mentioned Texas units are returning the favor after they received the support following Hurricane Harvey back in August and September.