Mission Waco opened the door for its brand new Urban Renewable Energy and Agriculture Project.

The project dubbed "urban reap" will give low-income residents the opportunity and access to sustainable agriculture and a nutritional diet.

The Urban Reap Project is housed on the corner of 15th and Colcord. It is a place where residents nearby will have access to more fresh and healthy produce.

Thanks to a grant from the Green Mountain Energy sun Club and help from a number of volunteers, Mission Waco was able to build this unique Urban Renewable energy and Agriculture Project. The Urban REAP features solar energy array, rainwater catchment, a composting system and an aquaponics greenhouse. Mission Waco said their goal is to help feed neighbors in the area who may be struggling.

"I get to watch change happen," Jimmy Dorrell with Mission Waco said. "There's enough food in the world for everyone to eat and yet 21,000 kids will die of hunger related causes.

He said we have to change the mindset of our people and he gets to be a part of that.

The Urban REAP project is built right next to Mission Waco's recently opened Jubilee Food Market - a non-profit grocery store that provides fresh healthy foods for the neighborhood.

Engineering students from Baylor were also involved with the project. They helped design the solar and rain water catchment components.

Green Mountain Energy Donated $234,000 to Mission Waco to support the project.