MILAM COUNTY — A Milam County judge sentenced Katelyn Carnline, 29, to eight years after it was concluded she lied about her four month old daughter having a rare genetic disorder and allowed her to undergo unnecessary surgery. Carnline still faces similar charges in Brazos County.

Milam County investigators found an online benefit for the daughter alleging she was suffering from IEM (Inborn Errors Metabolism). Two people had donated a total of $150 to the cause.

Between December 2016 and March 2017 the child was hospitalized three times.

She was first admitted Dec. 1, 2016 for five days after her mother reported seizure-like episodes. Although tests indicated normal status and staff never witnessed a seizure, the child was put on medication based on Carnline's report.

The child was hospitalized again about two months later when Carnline reported she had suffered an apneic episode. It was noted that since she was first discharged, her weight had dropped from the 25th percentile to around the first percentile, about 10 pounds.

Treatment during her second stay was focused on the child's poor weight gain. Hospital staff documented Carnline was heavily involved in the child's care including providing all feedings and tracking all of her intake. There were no apneic episodes during this hospitalization.

The daughter was discharged Feb. 13, but three days later the child was re-admitted to Dell Children's for evaluation of reported fever, diarrhea and vomiting. However, hospital staff observed none of these symptoms.

Carnline then told staff her pediatrician and neonatologist recommended a nasogastric tube.

Based on the reports Carnline had given staff, the hospital surgically implanted a gastronomy tube in the child's abdomen. The mother used the new tube for feeding, but the child did not exhibit any significant weight gain during the remainder of the hospitalization.

A Milam County investigator learned of a warrant out of the Bryan Police Department for exploitation of a child and assisted Carnline's arrest March 6, 2017. The child was placed in the father's custody.

It was later learned the father was in a relationship with Carnline until he learned she had been lying about another of her children having cancer. She also held an online benefit for this child. It was around this time she learned she was pregnant with the victim of this case and did not allow the father to be involved in the child's life.

While taking care of the child, the father reported he used the G-tube only twice and the victim was taking standard formula diet by mouth without issue. He also said there were also no seizures or apneic spells during his care. Within a month the baby's weight was up to the 52 percent weight class, about 15 pounds.