Mother’s Day is near and the National Retail Federation said spending for the holiday is expected to reach a new high in 2017.

That may be the case here in our area, but what central Texans are spending their money on is a little different.

Mother’s Day, an annual excuse to shower mom with flowers, a card, or something else she’ll love.

For Brickwood Boutique in West Temple, it is an opportunity to move some product. Mother’s Day spending is expected to reach $23.6 billion this year, according to Ana Serafin Smith with the National Retail Federation.

That number is up by more than two billion dollars from 2016 and the increase in spending is having a positive impact on local stores.

Lastovica Jewelers Co-Owner, Johnny Lastovica said 2017 has been better than the last two or three years.

The National Retail Federation said the average spending per shopper is expected to approach $200, up by more than 14 from a year ago.

What are they buying?

One of the more popular items on last-minute Mother’s Day shopping is flowers, but one shopper in West Temple tells Channel 6 she’s actually trying to stay away from flowers and stick more toward clothing.

“A gift card to a place I know my mother likes or something that she likes but she’s not going to buy it on her own. So I’ll buy it for her,” Connie Sterling, a local shopper said.

Nationwide, gift cards are the fourth most commonly purchased gift right above clothing. Jewelry comes in at number six, but for shoppers going into Brickwood Boutique, those items are much high on the list.

Carolin Moore of Brickwood Boutique said their clothes and jewelry are the hottest items that women come in to buy.

“Men usually come in and buy candles and gift certificates or even our cosmetic bags, lotion, stuff like that,” she said.

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