TEMPLE - If you saw him play a game of tennis, you would never guess Buzz Rahm's age. At 77-years-old, Rahm still hits the court at Wildflower Country Club in Temple twice a week.

"The old saying if you don't use it, you lose it? It's real," says Rahm.

It's a lifestyle he has kept up from his youth. In high school, Rahm ran cross country, track and fenced. He continued fencing through college and when he entered the Army he continued his athletic lifestyle. But as he aged, Rahm says staying active became more difficult.

"I'm lazy and she pushes me well beyond where I would say 'okay, that's enough' and I need the motivation," says Rahm.

For over a year now Rahm has been working out with KCEN Fitness Expert Susan Cornette twice a week on top of regular walking and tennis matches.

"That is where we really focus on core stability which is so important as you age and most people neglect that and end up with back pain and things that cause them to think that they can't really move the way they use to," says Cornette.

Cornette says while running marathons or bench pressing 100 lbs. may not be realistic, just moving in your golden years can help keep you healthy and mobile.

"Just going for a walk or just hitting the gym and doing some things using lighter weights that we were using when we were younger. Those things can still combat the natural degeneration we see in our bodies as we age and it can just make us feel great," says Cornette.

As for Rahm, even at 77-years-old he does not plan on stepping off the court any time soon.

"I decided a long time ago I wasn't going to grow old gracefully. I'm gonna go out kicking and screaming."