In a town hall Thursday night, Killeen City Councilman Steve Harris hosted a forum to discuss the MUD development currently under construction on the outskirts of the city

The city of Killeen currently has a contract with a $238 million subdivision that's set to be built just outside the city limits near the intersection of Chapparall and Featherline roads.

City council members said although the contract claims the project will be mutually beneficial for both developers and the city of Killeen, they do not believe that will be the case.

“There’s nothing really mutually beneficial about this contract at all.” Harris said. “The city comes out in the black, the citizens come out in the black, and the MUD comes out in the green.”

His primary concern is the cost to taxpayers, council members said they expect this to cost the city north of $50 million.

“The cost initially, even for the roads that we are contractually obligated to build out is for 30 million dollars,” Harris said. “We also had to build a new water plant, that’s 35 million dollars too.”

Another concern council members outlined Thursday night is the development of almost 3,750 homes will also utilize the city’s police, fire, and emergency services. Departments that are already spread thin in Killeen.

“The question has to come in, as this MUD develops, where are we going to get the money to hire more officers? Or to buy more police cars, and equipment and pay for the insurance the maintenance and so forth. Everything that's going to the MUD is a money pit for Killeen,” Harris said.

Not everyone agrees with Harris, however, Former Killeen Mayor Dan Corbin stood up during the forum and branded the presentation inaccurate and dishonest.

“Are you intentionally misrepresenting the facts? Or are you just grossly ignorant of the facts and the law?” Corbin asked the presenters at one point.

Councilman Harris said his end goal is to get the contract voided altogether.