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MyWaco App | New app to help report issues in the City of Waco

The new app is now available for download and will allow people to report problems and give praise to city employees.

WACO, Texas — A brand new tool called the 'MyWaco App' is now available for anyone who ventures into Waco. The app is designed to bridge connections with city leaders and employees.

"We are really excited because this has been something that our staff and counsel has been looking at for quite some time," said Ashley Nystrom with the City of Waco. "It's going to be a great tool for our residents and Waco visitors to be able to engage directly with our departments and our city."

The app itself is designed to streamline a sometimes difficult and confusing process and put all of the controls in the palm of your hand.

"We're really just keeping with changing technology," Nystrom told 6 News. "Everything is on mobile and on phone right now and we hadn't had a great way for residents to engage us through the website or by phone or by walking in."

Residents and visitors can use the app to report problems to city leaders, like potholes and water issues, while also getting quick feedback the issue has been received.

"Our goal is to have a staff member directly contact them back within one or two business days," Nystrom said. "Now that may not be the issue getting resolved but that's to let them know that we've got it on a list, a work order or something and it's been looked at. They should then be able to give them a better time estimate, here is our work load right now, here is when we think we can get to that."

It's important to note, the MyWaco app is for city resources only but Nystrom said those that have a problem outside of the city, if they submit a request that can't be fulfilled, they will work to connect the person making the request to the right department they need.

Nystrom said the app is not intended to report crimes or emergency situations and those calls should always go to emergency personnel at all times.