A staple in the Central Texas community is once again giving back to our area in a way everyone can enjoy.

Drayton McLane Jr. is installing four sculptures at his Temple office campus and one of those sculptures will be the tallest stainless steel sculptures in Texas.

And that’s not all, he also is building a food truck pavilion with Wi-Fi that will be open to the public, and a new 20,000-square-foot office building.

McLane Jr. sat down with Channel 6 to share his plans for the area.

What do the sculptures mean to you and the central Texas community?

We want to add something that had meaning had beauty to it. This would be distinctive tall and has color to it at night it can be illuminated and I think it would be a great asset, not only to Temple but central Texas.

Why did you decide to build a Pavillion here?

I’ve been in grocery logistics my entire career and I’ve seen food trucks grow in popularity.We thought because this was in the northwest part of Temple. There weren’t a lot of restaurants in the area, There’s over 300 people who work in the area and it’s growing and it will be very convenient and fun.

What is your ultimate vision for the area?

The vision has been for several years. We have 165 acres out there, 4 office buildings. And we’re making a technology center. Almost everybody that works in this area is in some type of technology. We have some lakes out there. We’re now adding the food court and sculptures – where I think people will take pride in, relax and have fun while they use their creativity God’s given them.

McLane said the food pavilion will open at the end of September.