Waco’s newest city council member hopes to carry on the legacy of her late mother, Dr. Mae Jackson, who was the first female African-American mayor in Waco.

Andrea Barefield was sworn in Tuesday to represent District One. Barefield said she is eager to start building relationships with the community as well as other city council members.

"The dynamic of this council will take us far. I think we have a good understanding of what Waco can be and will be," Barefield said.

Barefield said her mother had big plans for Waco, and she wants to see those things through.

"Moms big thing was tourism. I know she would been tickled pink to see all the growth and advancement that Waco is undergoing right now," she said.

Barefield is pushing for change in district one and East Waco. She wants to make sure that information in the area is equally accessible to all residents.

“The opportunity to educate and to create access to networks and resources for economic development and advancement for district one has got to be a priority,” Barefield said. “Equitable economic development is one of the things I ran on because I believe it’s so important. There's room for everybody at the table, we just got to make sure we give folks the directions to the cookout.”

As for what she will do during her first 90 days of her term? Barefield already has that mapped out.

"Read and listen. There's nothing worse than going in guns blazing and you don't know who you're shooting," Barefield said.

Barefield will replaced former city councilman Noah Jackson Jr. Jackson served a one year term after the late Wilbert Austin died from cancer last June.