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Bringing companies and talented workers together in this unprecedented time

Versique recruitment and HR expert Chris Dardis suggests steps that business leaders should consider.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought a sharp spike in unemployment, furloughs, and business closures. That's left millions of talented workers without a job all across the country.

As some companies begin to see stabilization, however, employers can begin to look toward the future.

Versique recruitment and HR expert Chris Dardis said leaders and organizations can take advantage of this unique situation, with an unprecedented amount of talented workers on the market. 

"We haven’t seen the market this saturated since the banking crisis in 2008 and 2009," Dardis said. "Unfortunately, COVID-19 forced many organizations to let go of some great talent. This offers a unique opportunity for businesses to cash-in on the amazing workforce available. Even if you’re not ready to hire yet, there are some things you can be doing now to set yourself up for success down the road."

Dardis suggests 4 steps that business leaders should consider:

1. Assess Your Organization

"Revisit your hiring plan for the year," Dardis said. "Are there any gaps that need to be filled? Prioritize critical roles so you can fill the most important vacant positions as soon as possible."

 2. ID Potential Candidates

"Develop a plan to identify candidates who would make a great fit at your organization," Dardis said. "Go on LinkedIn and make connections, and let candidates know you’re being proactive in your search. It also might be a good idea to connect with a search firm. At Versique, we have a database and can put you in touch with candidates who match your hiring criteria."

3. Start Informational Interviews

"Set some time aside each week to have conversations with prospects," Dardis said. "If you’re not currently hiring, but intend to soon, let them know that. The goal of these conversations should be to build rapport. Candidates want to work with someone they know, like and trust."

4. Keep In Touch

"Set up follow-up calls with potential candidates to stay in touch," Dardis said. "Make sure to tell them to call you if they get close to accepting another offer, that way you could potentially speed up your hiring process if necessary."

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