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'Niki Nails It' | Kicks, punches & muay thai; taking on MMA

In the second episode of "Niki Nails It," sports reporter Niki Lattarulo is hitting the punching bags to see if she has what it takes to be a pro fighter.

TEMPLE, Texas — In the second episode of "Niki Nails It," I hit the punching bags to see if I had what it takes to be a pro fighter, and thanks to Storm MMA I was able to find out the answer VERY quick.

Storm MMA is located inside Fieldhouse Gym in Temple, and one of the martial arts instructors, Coach Jordan, put me to the test. We started with some Muay Thai drills, which is Thai traditional kickboxing, and it was way harder than it looked.

After passing the kickboxing aspect of my test,  we made our way to the outdoor mat for some across the floor kicking and punching drills. I definitely was fatigued at this point, and struggled pretty badly with with footwork. Coordination was key in this area.

Lastly, we went inside for some practice fighting and kicking drills. Caution, an armature fighter, partnered up with me to teach me how to block kicks and fight back. After some practice I was ready to be tested with ten kicks in a row. 

Coach Jordan said I nailed that test, and gave me a nine overall in my performance for the day! Safe to say I won't be fighting anytime soon, but I did nail my second challenge. 

If you have a sport you would like to see Niki "nail/fail" next, you can email her at NLattarulo@kcentv.com, or send her a message on Facebook or Twitter.