BELTON, Texas — Every day a group of students at Belton High School get together to not only play games, but to lift each other up.

Students volunteer their time to meet with special needs kids at the gym for Partners P.E.

It's a program that has been around for about 12 years, according to P.E. teacher Lauren Marx. 

"I love watching the kids grow. I've been with some of the kids since they were in elementary school, so it's great to see from when they began to where they are now. It's just fun seeing the progress," Marx said. 

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In the program, partners like Rinna Poff partner up with a buddy to help promote physical education, communication, social skills, compassion, and friendship. 

"I wanted to find a place where I could just be myself and fit in and I love working with these kids so it just fit," Poff said. 

Some of the buddies, like Jacob Hicks, said they like the class because of the bonds they form.

"I can make friends and they make people happy," Hicks said.

Other students, like Victoria Beard, said they really enjoy the games they play. When asked why she liked the class, she said, "Because it's fun."

At the end of each class, they gather in a circle for affirmations. Each partner says one good thing about their buddy so they can hear something positive in their day.

"It just tugs at your heartstrings and it's confirmation in your heart that you're in the right thing," Marx said. "It's a great feeling to know that they get the same feeling we get."

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