An Austin federal judge has dismissed the lawsuit Attorney General Ken Paxton filed against Travis County after Gov. Greg Abbott signed the 'sanctuary cities' bill into law.

On the same day Abbott signed Senate Bill 4 into law, Paxton filed the lawsuit as part of a preemptive move. According to the suit filed May 7, Paxton's reasoning for taking legal action was "to avoid a multiplicity of suits in various forms" questioning the constitutionality of the law from the defendants, which include Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez, the City of Austin, Austin City Council Member Greg Casar, Austin Mayor Steve Adler and a host of other people affiliated with Travis County.

Go here to read the lawsuit.

Sam Sparks, a United States District Judge, signed the order of dismissal on Tuesday.


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Senate Bill 4 requires all Texas law enforcement agencies to comply with U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement detainers -- meaning local law enforcement will have to hold an arrested person until their immigration status is checked with ICE.

In response to the news, Paxton expressed his disappointment and vowed not to give up fighting for Senate Bill 4.

“The health, safety, and welfare of Texans is not negotiable. We’re disappointed with the court’s ruling and look forward to pressing our winning arguments in the San Antonio cases and beyond (if necessary) on this undoubtedly constitutional law," Paxton said in a statement.

A separate lawsuit brought by Austin, San Antonio, Houston and other Texas cities against the state is still pending in San Antonio.