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Petey's Snowcones to celebrate one year anniversary

Started food truck after tragic incident, now in business for almost one year.

TROY, Texas — A local snowcone food truck is coming up on its one year anniversary.

Petey's Snow Cones is a food truck in the Temple and Troy with nearly 1,000 followers on Facebook. Pedro Benavidez and Elizabeth Guarjado had their lives changed when Pedro suffered a work incident where he lost his leg.

With hospital bills mounting, the couple was concerned how they would be able to support themselves financially. 

"It was just a real hard time for us," Guarjado said. "We didn't know what we're gonna do where we were gonna you know how we're gonna pay our bills and survive."

A friend came along with a food truck for them. It already had a snow cone machine inside, so the question then became how to get started. 

"We didn't know anything about a food truck, you know?" Guarjado said. "But it came with a snow cone machine already attached to it and you know, snow cones are pretty easy."

So, they got started. Originally, Guarjado said she planned to handle the brunt of the work while Benavidez with his prosthetic leg would be able to help as best he could.

"I didn't want her to do it all alone," Benavidez said. "I knew I could do the work. I knew I could grind it out."

Benavidez and Guarjado have been up and running with Petey's Snow Cones since last November.

Their menu constantly changing and growing. They thank the community for not only supporting them but also offering new ideas and pushing them to be better. 

Now, they're calling on Central Texans for more ideas as they approach their one year. 

Their most recent post on their Facebook page mentions how they're always looking for new ideas and now you can help them come up with their next one.

They say they wouldn't be where they are without the community.

"We had no idea what we're doing in the beginning," Guarjado said. "A lot of our customers, our followers, they helped us through this. Other food trucks came and showed us what to do what not to do. And that's how we learn and that's how we continue to learn and make our business better."

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