An officer who opened fire during the Twin Peaks Shootout was one of seven witnesses who testified in court Tuesday. Judge Matt Johnson said he is trying to move the case against Dallas Bandido Christopher Jake Carrizal along.

Waco Police officer Sergeant Sam Key testified he carried out search warrants and worked the crime scene at Twin Peaks following the shootout. Officer Michael Bucher was the other officer who was acting as a counter sniper that fateful day.

Bucher said prior to the shooting he was given a briefing on the Bandido's and Cossacks and why the tension between the two were so high. He said he and his partner were patrolling the parking lot when the fight broke out. When it did, his first thought was to deploy gas, but then he heard gunshots. Bucher said that is when he grabbed his AR-15 and started shooting.

“He was just walking through the crowd with a gun. He had it up, looking. I fired at him, he was somewhere in the middle of the crowd.” Bucher said. “There was also another man swinging a large chain looking object at another guy. That guy was running from him, and I did fire at him. There was another male subject that was in the crowd firing a gun.”

Once the shooting was over, Officer Bucher said he and his partner started confiscating weapons.

They tried to place the ID of each biker on the weapons taken from them. He said due to the number of weapons, that task became too overwhelming to continue. Bucher said under cross examination if he could have done anything differently that day, he would have had a lot more manpower and wore heavier gear.

The jurors got a chance to see some physical evidence in the courtroom. Prosecuting Attorney Michael Jarrett pulled out a bag containing the clothes Carrizal was wearing the day of the shootout. He showed the jury a long-sleeve black shirt and a Bandido vest, both belonging to Carrizal. Waco Police Detective Melissa Thompson pointed out there was evidence of a scuffle on his vest and scrapes on the shoulder. Jarrett also pointed out the 1-percenter and second-generation patch on the vest. Photos were also shown of Carrizal with red marks on his forehead. Thompson described the whole day as unbelievable

“It was kind of like something you will describe in a scary movie. The music was still playing. There was dead people laying a lot of guns and knives. It was pretty horrible to see.” Thompson said.

Prosecutors also called Waco Police Crime Scene Technician Joyce Marek to the stand. She showed the jury photos of Richard "Bear" Kirschner, one of the nine bikers who died. He was the only dead body she examined. She even showed jurors photos of other injured bikers including Chris "Julian" Carrizal. He’s the father of the defendant Chis “Jake” Carrizal.

Former Twin Peaks employee Shaniqua Corsey said she witnessed a biker with a yellow helmet pull out a gun and open fire at the restaurant.

"I know it had this extremely long barrel on it.” Corsey said. “He pulled it out and aimed it at the guy in front of him and pulled the trigger.”

Those who testified Tuesday were two former Twin Peaks employees, three Waco Police officers, a crime scene technician and a special crime scene detective.