Not all pumpkins are created equal when it comes to finding the right one for your Halloween or fall decorating. There is a certain art to selecting the one.

Pastor David Tenberg, who runs the Pumpkin Patch in Robinson, has some tips to help find you the perfect pumpkin, and how to create your masterpiece.

Pick the right pumpkin for your design

First, you want to figure out what kind of design you are going to do on your pumpkin, and how much surface area you'll need. Sometimes having a longer, slender pumpkin will give you more space.

Next, make sure when transporting or picking up your pumpkin to inspect it. Do not carry it by the stem. This can damage the stem or even break it.

You'll also want to make sure your pumpkin isn't bruised or has soft spots which will cause the pumpkin to rot quicker, and possibly cave in when you try to carve it.

Clean, prepare your pumpkin for design

You should give your pumpkin a little spruce with a rag and water on the outside to remove any dirt.

Next with a marker, trace the outline of the design or face you will be carving out. This will ensure you have a good template to work with and will cut in the lines.

Before you carve the pumpkin cut it open from the top and do a really good job scooping out the meat of the pumpkin. When all the insides are scooped out, then spray a little bleach water -- 1 tablespoon of bleach to a quart and a half of water-- inside the pumpkin and rub it around over all surfaces. This slows the decomposing process.

Time to carve

Then simply carve out your beautiful design, stick a candle inside, and marvel at your work.

The Pumpkin Patch in Robinson has a huge selection of pumpkins and is a great place to take the kids with free hayrides, a corn pit, a hay maze, and mini pumpkin decorating.

For all information on the Pumpkin Patch, click here.

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