KILLEEN, Texas -- Authorities in Killeen are investigating a video that appears to show a Central Texas woman trying to perform a medical procedure on her dog at home.

According to a Facebook post from the owner, the female dog ran off and came home with a large abscess on her neck. The woman apparently sought help on Facebook, where she asked a group of pet owners if anyone could help hold down the animal and drain the abscess.

A video recording appears to show the woman using a razor blade to try to drain the abscess while the dog cries out in pain. The woman, who identifies herself on social media as a veterinary technician at a local animal clinic, can be heard trying to reassure the dog that she was not trying to hurt the animal. But, other Facebook users were not convinced and said she should have gone to a vet.

"I reached out to FT pets to see is anyone would help me hold and drain the abscess," the original woman wrote in a Facebook post. "All it was a bunch of Bitches saying I needed to bring her into the vet to drain a abscess that I've done a million times! Oh and they said she needed to be put under fur a surgical procedure...lmfao these stupid Bitches just don't know!"

Channel 6 called the animal clinic, where the woman's Facebook page said she worked. An employee at the clinic said the woman was fired last year, but the firing was unrelated to the video.

"Killeen PD Animal Services is aware of the video and investigating the incident," a Killeen Police Spokesperson said in a statement. "No further information will be released until the investigation is closed."

Other area residents upset over the woman's video vented online.

"I hope someone cares enough to take your animals from you because you are a terrible person," a Temple woman who saw the video wrote.

But, the woman behind the video stood by her actions, despite backlash on social media.

"A bunch of ignorant bitches on Fort Hood pets tried to convince me that it's illegal for me to drain an abscess on my dog's neck," the woman wrote in another post. "Once again do you simple bitches know what I do for a living. I feel if you hoes concerned yourself more with what the f--k your soldiers are doing and not what I'm doing with my dog, maybe your man wouldn't be in my inbox how about that simple Bitch."

Channel 6 News Reporter Emani Payne sent multiple messages to the woman this week, asking for comment on this story. As of late Thursday afternoon afternoon, the woman had not responded.

In one particularly vulgar post that was screen-grabbed on social media, the woman wrote: "I told those stupid c--ts to call animal control and make a report."

Editor's Note: You can watch a censored version of the video below. Once the razor touches the dog, the image has been frozen and the rest of the video is audio-only. Please be aware that strong language is used.